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Selling a Used Bicycle

By Bruce Lin
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Selling a Used Bicycle

Selling a Used Bicycle

Whether it’s time to clear some space in the garage or you are looking to upgrade to a new bike, there is a good chance that each of us will have to look into buying or selling used bicycle equipment at some point.

Buying and selling a used bicycle doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here at The Pro’s Closet we help our clients take the headache out of selling their cycling related items. 

We have put together some DO’s and DONT’s for those who decide to sell your bike and prefer giving it a shot on their own. If you have tried this in the past and found the selling process to be cumbersome, drop us a line and we will send a call tag to your front door, apply our auction science and send you a check!

The DO’S and DONT’S Selling Used Bikes

DO pick the proper channel for selling your used bike. You can trade it in to your local shop if they offer a trade up program, sell it on Craigslist or eBay, or go through us, The Pro's Closet. Trading will usually net you the least amount of money, and Craigslist is the biggest hassle dealing with phone calls, offers, etc.

Craigslist vs eBay: Craigslist is free however the saying, “you get what you paid for” comes into play here. Not only does Craigslist open the door to more scammers but it also limits your bike’s exposure since Craigslist is a local marketplace.

eBay opens your bike up to a larger demographic that will increase the final sale price, yet in most cases, the shoppers are looking for bargains so you won't receive the highest dollar amount for your bike. 

The Pro's Closet: Each pre-owned bike that is sold at The Pro's Closet undergoes a comprehensive Quality Assurance process that begins the moment a bicycle arrives. Every pre-owned bike sold under the TPC Quality Assurance process is given a comprehensive inspection and tune by a team of full-time, seasoned mechanics. This level of detail and inspection gives our customers confidence when buying a pre-owned bike, and customers are willing to pay more for guaranteed quality. As a result, you eliminate seller-hassle when dealing with an unsatisfied buyer if there are issues with your bike. 

DO clean your bike before selling. Do you want to buy a dirty bike? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. A clean bike gives potential buyers the confidence that your bike has been loved and well maintained.

DON'T sell your bike with extras. Pedals, computers, and spare wheels generally don't add much value to a bike sale and can be sold on their own for better money.

DO provide details of any upgrades you've made to the bike. Newer, lighter components can add value to you bike.

DO make sure to outline anything that is wrong with the bike. Scratches and dents are inevitable on a used bike and nothing is worse than surprising your buyer with a bike in worse shape than they had expected. Be transparent and advertise the bike honestly.

DO take as many photos as possible. The old saying, “photos are worth a thousand words” is especially true when selling a high-end bike. Show off your bike in great detail and make sure to take photos using a background that won’t distract from the actual bike. If you don’t have access to a professional photo studio, we recommend using a concrete wall or a solid colored garage door.

DO give your bike a tune-up. Making sure your bike is ready to ride will give buyers the confidence that they won't have to do any serious maintenance once they purchase from you. Apply these simple principals the next time you want to sell your bike and once the dust settles, you will notice your wallet will be a little fatter.


  • Hi Tajinder,

    We’re generally interested in bikes in good-to-excellent condition with an original msrp of $1,500 or greater.

    If you’d like to submit a bike for a quote go to our Sell/Trade page via the Click to Sell button at the top of the page. We access every bike based on condition and market value so quote will vary.


    Bruce Lin on

  • Do you buy all bikes or just bikes in really good condition. How much do you pay or min amount

    Tajinder Singh on

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