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How the Trade-UP Program Can Drive Customer Loyalty

By Jarrad Lokes

How the Trade-UP Program Can Drive Customer LoyaltyThe Trade-UP program can act as an in-house Loyalty Program for your customers. Offering an upfront incentive to Trade-UP a bike in your store can keep regular customers in your ecosystem, ensuring they turn to you when it's time for a new bicycle.

For example, when finalizing a new bicycle sale, offer the following: "Trade-UP your bicycle within two years of purchase to receive an extra 10% towards a new bike." That incentive can vary, but we've found that even an extra 5% on top of the voucher value really increases the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase.

An efficient marketing program that reaches out to loyal customers on an 18-month to two year basis can give you an excuse to bring that customer back into your shop. If nothing else, the extra reason to contact your customers will keep you at the front of their mind. If you'd like more information on driving sales to loyal customers with the Trade-UP program, please send us an email at